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Your EBA Partnership

When you enter into a working relationship with your Exclusive Buyer Agent it is for the common GOAL of  Finding and Purchasing a home that meets your requirements and budget.

EBA's can work with ALL properties. Even Expired Listings or properties Withdrawn from the MLS are fair game.  These also include For Sale By Owner or FSBO's.

This gives the Exclusive Buyer Agent's client a distinct advantage over traditional buyer agents in finding the best property and saving brokerage fees.

Because an Exclusive Buyer Agent works FOR you to help you BUY...you won't be SOLD-UP.  You have a budgeted amount you have carefully planned and your EBA will make sure any home presented to you for consideration can meet your goal.

Because EBA's only Represent Buyers..

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EBA Agreement

Buyer Agreements are very similar to the Exclusive Listing Contracts signed by Sellers.  Both agreements create the working relationship between parties, the term of the agreement, the services to be rendered and the compensation agreed upon are defined.

EBA's provide single agency, exclusive representation   This allows the EBA to provide Fiduciary Representation. 

  • Complete Confidentiality
  • Fiduciary Representation
  • Buyers Advocate
  • Negotiate Best Price/Terms
  • Research Best Offer Price
  • Research previous sales
  • Full Disclosure

If a Flat-Fee arrangement has been made with your EBA, the Buyer receives the Buyer Agent Commission paid by the Seller at closing.

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Your EBA will explain all the EBA Agreement details.

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